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Welcome to my blog.  My name is Jamie Ann and I am a craftaholic.  Okay, it might not be that bad (just yet), but I sure do love to craft my little heart out whenever I get the chance. Though I'm an accounting major at our local university, I love design and adore making invitations or downloading free fonts off the Internet more that anything (except maybe reading, of course, or writing my YA novel-I swear, it's nothing like Twilight; unless you love Twilight, then yes, it's exactly like it. Okay. I'm lying. Nothing like Twilight). I'm also a very, very amateur photographer, recently tapped to shoot my first real wedding in November (after which I promptly hired my best friend to shoot with me, as I was too terrified to go it alone).  Did I mention I'm a bit of a nervous Nelly? Yeah, I'm that, too.  I married my best friend Caleb on a beautiful sun-filled day in October 2010 and he truly is a gem, that one. While I don't always find the time to enjoy all the things I love (that pesky thing called WORK sometimes gets in the way), I usually can always make the effort to eat cupcakes with wild abandon, and when I do, I prefer to do it with friends; give me a crochet hook, a glass of wine, and laughter with my favorite besties and I'm a happy girl. 

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