Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring has Sprung!!!

Now that it is officially Spring (doesn't that just sound lovely to say aloud?), I am starting to feel the itch to try new things and reinvent myself in line with the tulips and daffodils! I love searching out Blogs that inspire to create, and I must say, I'm feeling very inspired! I've recently learned a few tricks on my sewing machine (and that's not saying much, trust me), but I am eager to learn more. I very much want to cut and paste and sew my way into some new hobbies.  My friend Nicky is a little sewing gem, and she makes the most fabulous bags from this, that and the other types of materials (which is very inspiring to say the least)! So now that I am officially on Spring Break from school (another very lovely thing to say aloud), I plan on using my few precious days off to create. What? I'm not quite sure just yet...but I've got my cutting board at the ready!    
Check out my first BIG project on the sewing machine. These very fun and charming paperback book carriers are sure fun to make and can be customized to whatever suits one's fancy.  Its little handles are very handy when trying to carry your book and two lattes out of Starbucks, let me tell you! This particular pink version was my first attempt and I must say my subsequent attempts following this one were much neater, but I'm proud of it none-the-less!  You've got to start somewhere, right?

Oh, and sorry for my blurry picture collage! Yet another thing I'm attempting to master...I'll get there yet! 

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  1. I still want you to teach me how to make those fantastic book covers! I love mine :)I really need to get a sewing machine.... hmmmm :)