Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Finally...our Save-the-Dates!!!


I seriously lurve these with all of my heartstrings!!! The fabulous Kerri Efendi, at Kerri Efendi Designs, did an absolutely stellar job at deciphering my vision and seeing it to fruition!  And she's a sweetheart to boot; so very easy to work with.  I highly recommend her for any of your invitation needs.  The bookmark idea was something I decided long ago and it had taken many forms in my imagination since it first landed there that September morning I found myself with a sparkly new accessory on my left ring finger.  It perfectly suits our personality as a couple; reading is a passion that we both share (and just happens to be the topic of the first conversation Caleb and I ever had together: "You like Harry Potter? Me too! Let's discuss.")! I  really should have included bookmarks in my previous "Things to Love" post. It was a book that led me to love in the first place, after all. And as Yoda would say: "Come full circle, we have."

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