Friday, August 27, 2010

Showered with LURVE!

And so it begins! This past weekend was the first REAL wedding moment for me.  Besides the actual proposal, the dress shopping, the ring purchasing, the cake tasting, the Louboutin buying, the invitation sending and so on and so fourth (all amazing and fun and lovely)...this was the first time our upcoming nuptials began to feel REAL! Maybe it's because we have had 2 years of planning and now have approximately 6 WEEKS until the big day. Maybe it's mostly because I'm not keen on being the center of attention; it makes me a tad bit nervous when a party is thrown in my honor; I feel like I have to perform a ballad or do circus tricks in the middle of the room or something.  Maybe it was all the fabulous gifts we received off our registry. It's silly, I know; but I finally felt like a bride!!!  Yay! And how could I not when my bff, the darling Ellen, threw me one heck of a lovely bridal shower?! The food was delicious, the drinks were divine and the company was near and dear to my heart.  So here's a few pics of myself and my loved ones while we enjoyed quite a special Sunday afternoon (and evening) toasting to the celebration on the horizon.  Oh and that little twinkle in my eye? That's me finally hearing the.....

....dum, dum...da, dum! 

Pictures, from top left, clockwise:  Me, opening our fab gifts!  The darling table that greeted guests as they arrived.  My beautiful bridesmaids.  My mum-in-law to be Karen (left) and my sweet mum.  The yummy cupcakes with faux rings on top!

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