Friday, April 8, 2011

A little project.

I just want to start this off by saying that my husband doesn't read my blog.  When asked why not? he responded that he doesn't have to read what I have to say when he can just talk to me.  Humph. How rude.  I guess he does have a point. I should have included this in our vows; must honor, obey and read all blog posts.  Oh well.  Since my darling ex husband chooses to listen to my lovely voice as opposed to read my silly thoughts, I figured I would just give him a little taste of what he's missing!  I scrolled through the revamped furniture pics from my previous post to show him my latest obsession, and how FAB, how AMAZING, how AWESOME it would be to be able to revamp old furniture. AND how much I wish I had the know-how and talent to do such a thing. "Wouldn't that be the coolest?" I said.  His reply?

"I could do that."

Oh really?  "Yeah, that's easy."  Humph.  

So here's my new project.  I'm going to attempt to revamp this little old chair I purchased at Value Village with the help of my husband.  He may not be able to navigate the internet to check out my blog, but apparently this little old chair is no challenge at all. We shall see. 


After to follow...stay tuned!


  1. My husband doesn't read my blog either, unless I tell him to... His father however, does. I had no idea my F-I-L was reading until he recently gave my URL to a friend of his. Very sticky situation, certainly limits my fodder.

    Love the chair and can't wait to see what comes of it!

  2. Hi! You have an interesting and beautiful blog:)
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