Thursday, August 4, 2011

Copy that Look: Miranda Kerr

I love, love, LOVE lace dresses! So feminine and ladylike, with an air of sexiness if the hem is taken up a bit and a high, strappy sandal is involved.  I ADORE this number on Australian mega-model Miranda Kerr! Oh and I also adore her husband Orlando Bloom. Oh and did I mention I hate her?  Just kidding.  Kind of.  This dress, by design house Lover is just fabulous. But at over $500 big ones, I had to pass...and then I cried.  Don't fret yet! There are many options out there for us "champagne girls on a beer budget!"  So many in fact that I couldn't pick just one.  Did I also forget to mention that I LOVE Mod Cloth! Well, I do. Great dresses, shoes, bags, et al.  And at amazing prices to boot! And yes, they have boots too! While I love Mrs. Bloom's fashion sense here, right down to the the red lip (who doesn't love a red lip from time to time? or if you're me, every day of the week!), I must say I think I would have paired this lovely with some saucy red heels.   But that 's just...WWJD. What Would Jamie Do? Ha!

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Michael Antonio: Tanno Heels in Nude



  1. I like your dress picks better. The neck on Ms. Model looks uncomfortable. And what are your thoughts on the "nude" trend in shoes, courtesy of the Duchesses, the Princesses, etc.? Personally, I'm not a fan.

  2. I'm not into the "nude" shoe trend! Maybe it's because I'm already so pale, that nude shoes make me appear even PALER! If that's even possible. I also LOVE color. Can't deny it!