Friday, January 20, 2012

A little sparkle...

...or a lot.  I LOVE me a tuxedo jacket. They were all over the runways this past Fall and I'm finally jumping on that bedazzled bandwagon! Made a little purchase over at Vicky's Secret for my birthday gift from my husband. Hey, he definitely prefers when I shop for my own present as he has a heck of a time trying to pick something out for me. Anything I can do to help relieve just a little extra daily stress from his life, I do. I'm just that kind of wife; always thinking of my man! Okay, and my own needs might creep in there from time to time. This being one of those times. But do you blame me? I think a sequined tuxedo jacket is just the thing to cure those rain-soaked (at the moment, snow-covered) Winter blues.  Nothing says happiness quite like purple sequins! 
 Dolce and Gabbana!
Soon-to-be Me!

and I made this sparkled yarn and felt flowered headband for my adorable niece Amelie for her first birthday. Got another item to add to my Etsy shop! :)



  1. Love the jacket! And the headband is super cute too - way to get your craft on! :)

  2. Jamie...CUTE jacket but what do you wear that with & where do you wear it? These are things I need to know...cause I'm getting skinnier & someday I'll get to be almost as fashion forward as you. ;)

  3. That is a very good question, Katie! :) Not entirely sure myself. But I'm thinking dressed up with black pants and heels or dressed down with jeans and flats. I will definitely keep you posted! You're gettin' skinnier by the day, girl! I'm so happy for you and inspired. I've been trying to lose the same 10lbs for the past 5 years now...maybe I'll actually do it this year! :)