Saturday, January 28, 2012

Photoshop is Phab!

Well, my once defunct laptop is now a fully functional member of society again.  My very tech savvy brother  fixed it up for me...and added Photoshop for my homework distracting pleasure! Thanks Jeffrey!!!! I've been wanting it for some time, so now that I have it I've been trying to learn the basics; how to get rid of those pesky under eye circles, smooth fine lines, whiten my teeth , et al. You know, the important stuff! I've been finding that You Tube is a wonderful source to turn to when you're attempting to learn yourself something real fancy-like.  Here's just a few pics to show you how very advanced my skill-set is. Okay just kidding, a ten year old could probably do this stuff...and probably better than I can.  But heck, it's fun! Yup, I'm a 32 year old woman just learning how to use Photoshop and I'm having a hell of time changing my eye color to electric blue, thankyouverymuch! Oh and I've been having to take one self-portrait a day for my photography class, which has been a hoot! Screw ten weeks, I think I might just capture the whole year! 
Black and white background!
 Whiter teeth!
Electric blue eyes!


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