Thursday, January 7, 2010

To Address or Not Address...

I'm toying with the idea of having our invitations professionally addressed...

...because it would save me the time and patience of having to do them all myself.  And goodness me, my handwriting is okay but nowhere near this fabulous.  



  1. i think you should have them proffesionaly adressed but it makes the person feel like its important and they should open it right away. but something easier to read

  2. Etiquette says no no on non-hand written addresses. Personally, I'll say this: I wouldn't do it but if it saves your sanity, screw etiquette and do what feels right! :)

  3. They would be hand written by a professional calligrapher...just not by me. Does that mean it's wrong to have someone else do them for me? I'd rather not spend the money, but they are so pretty. And I have been practicing with a calligraphy pen...we shall see. :)

  4. oh! if they're hand written, go for it! However, you have fantastic handwriting and though it may not be 'years of professional calligraphy', it will definitely be fantabulous and lovely... AND you have a MOH who has pretty good 'classic' cursive, if you want her help... she'll even give you samples :)

  5. AND she's free :)
    (well, pretty much free... she may ask for wine when she's done :))