Friday, October 29, 2010

Fashion Week: Friday!

Oh, goodness! I always completely run out of time before I have to head off to work! So this post will be very short, darn it.  But anyhoo, just want to tell all you gals that I have been loving checking out your blogs and I'm diggin' everyone's very fabulous! Last night I attempted to go through each and every one but around 2 am I got a bit sleepy and had to give up the fight!  Maybe tonight I will make it through them much inspiration to be had! Keep it up ladies!!! xoxo
Fashion Week! 019
Fashion Week! 018
Fashion Week! 013
Another work day, so lots of black yet again! Hopefully tomorrow will bring some color! 
Sweater Dress: Target
Leggings: Target
Earrings: Frank James (a cute little Bellingham boutique which has since gone out of business) :(
Shoes: I think TJ Max, but can't remember!
Purse: L.A.M.B. bought at Nordstrom Rack


  1. That bag and those earrings are amazing! I really like the sweater dress, too.

  2. Love the look and especially the purse!