Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fashion Week: Thursday!

OMG! I am hella bad at taking pictures of myself!!!  Thankfully my sweet husband was on hand to help me.  I think I need one of those fancy cameras...yeah, I'm sure that will solve my problem. ;)  Anyhoo, here's day 2 for me (day 4 for all the non-lazy fashionistas out there)! This is so much gosh darn fun! Today is a work day for me, so that's why you're seeing lots of black. Can't wait to check out all your fabulous fashions, ladies!!! :)
Fashion Week! 029Fashion Week! 049
Fashion Week! 047
Fashion Week! 037

Shirt: Target
Vest: Target
Black Jeans: Gap
Pink Flats: Old Navy
Scarf: Christian Dior
Earrings: Tree and Kimball (check her out on Etsy...fabulous)
Necklaces:  Bow necklace was my Grandmother's 
Love necklace is Stella and Dot and was a b-day gift from my BFF 


  1. Oh those are great accessories-- Love those shoes and that necklace with the scarf.

  2. Your accessories are amazing!

  3. so stylish! Those shoes are great! love your whole look.

  4. The shoes and the necklaces really make this outfit, for me! I love them!

  5. Christian Dior oh my! I love the look and I'll have to start following your blog beyond fashion week. Come on by mine if you like... I'm a h.s. teacher, newly a Mrs. as well and also in love with all things fashion.

  6. I lack a fancy camera too - I need to invest in a tripod! Seriously love those earrings and your pink shoes! You look great!

  7. Just when I thought I had seen the cutest the outfit!
    ♥/Bevin @All is Bright

  8. Thank you sure know how to make a gal feel special. :)