Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What in the Heck?!

I've decided that to make myself blog more than once every six months, I would add a little weekly post (for the 2 people that actually read my blog) dedicated to things of an odd nature.  Why? you ask. Why not! I say. I am an internet junkie of the largest variety and I always seem to come across odd stories or random sayings or weird fashion choices, then have no one to share them with.  Poor me.  Really I hope to get you all to have a laugh or just scratch your head in puzzlement.  Either one will do. So here's my first What the Heck?! pic...

What in the heck?!  I actually really love Lady Gaga.  I know she's a little all over place, all the time.  But she's pretty neat in my book; she's an oddball and I like that.  I love fashion, be it neat and tidy or colorful and out there; I never shy away from things others might find a little strange.  But these heels (can they even be called heels? no) platforms (that will do) confuse the heck out of me!  How in the world does one even attempt to walk in these? Here's another example if you're still not sure you're actually seeing what you're seeing. Kind of scary, no? In an oddly beautiful way?  Well, I'm scared (or at least my feet are).  It does appear as if she's carrying a studded Hermes bag; now THAT, my friends, I will take in a heartbeat! The shoes, however, I might need to test drive hobble first.


  1. There's more than two of us reading! And those shoes are HORRIBLE, how would you even walk in them!?

  2. Um. Those are effing hideous!!! And I love your new 'what the heck?!'... fantastical; just like you!! :)