Monday, March 14, 2011

First comes camera...then comes camera bag!

Now that I have we have a fabulous, fancy camera, what comes next? A fabulous, fancy camera bag, of course! It just seems like the next logical step in the whole 'fabulous, fancy camera owner's manual.'  I scoured the internet last night (can you believe it?) looking for the perfect camera bag to carry my new toy in.  I must say, I wasn't all that impressed with the selection out there for women.  Most camera bags are black, boxy and just plain fugly; yuck. You know me, that just won't do. After a bit of surfing, I did find a few brands that specialize in fun and colorful camera bags for women.  


Epiphanie offers five different styles depending on what size you're looking for and they all retail for under $200. And look at the fun colors! A-Door-Able. 

Then there's...

I just love the second picture. Snapping photos while drinking a nice glass of red wine; doesn't get much better than that, now does it?  Kind of sounds like a typical night out with my girlfriends. ;)  
These bags are very lovely, if not entirely my style.  From $140 to $240.

As well as...

Super adorable prints and I love the shape. And lots of color! Only one style and all priced at $169!

And lastly, my favorite...

I think this grey Posey bag may be the one for me...

I like how petite it is and that it has a shoulder strap.  Kelly offers six styles of ultra chic bags and a few styles for men too!  They retail from $150 to just about $300.  So worth it though, right?  I mean, you can't use the darn camera if you can't carry it around safely, right? RIGHT???!!! Thanks for your support, friends. ;)



  1. Thank You for that post! You saved me from awful black backpack ;) I think I will buy a yellow hobo from Kelly and hope that they deliver to Poland.

  2. Yay! I'm glad to help and very happy that there's at least one person out there reading my posts! :)

  3. These camera bags are awesome. I love photographing but sometimes lugging around my camera is such a pain. This is a wonderful alternative!

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