Monday, March 14, 2011

New Camera Happy Dance.

Well, we finally gave in and purchased a new camera. And boy, it is fabulous as all get out!  Not only was it the Canon I've been sporadically drooling over at our local 'electronics superstore' for the past year or so (is it wrong to drool over a camera?), but it was also a smoking hot deal; it surely doesn't get any better than that.  Speaking of said 'electronics superstore,' my hubby and I were on our way there to once again ogle at the wares of the high-priced, fancy camera department, when I "desperately needed" to stop at Target.  Why? Two reasons. 1.  The Target Go International designer 'collective' went on sale today.   Seventeen designers (Zac Posen, Rodarte, Alice Temerley, et al) from the past five years have brought back two dresses from each of their past collections for Target for a limited engagement, just in case you missed them the first time around. You know me, I just can't pass up a dress by a designer whom I otherwise wouldn't be able to afford! Unless it's my wedding, of course. Louboutin anyone? 2. Hair pomade. My sweet husband, in an effort to please me and make me happy (how did I get so lucky?) has gone and gotten himself a real 'haircut' and now needs hair pomade. God bless him. :)  

But I digress.  It was actually the good luck of said 'sweet husband' that we wound up finding our gem of a deal!  To make a long story short:  Caleb suggested we look at the cameras at Target, while I kind of smiled and followed along thinking to myself that there was no way in heck that Target would have what we were looking for.  Hair pomade? Yes. Fabulous, fancy camera? No. Besides, Target keeps their cameras under glass so I can't play with them. Me no likey.  Well, moving on, they did indeed have the camera AND it was on CLEARANCE due to their upcoming remodel! Um, my bad. It was priced $150 less than said 'electronics superstore' and $200 less than the list price! As it turned out, I guess I didn't need another dress afterall...

...though, I'm still contemplating going back for this little number by Zac Posen.  But...

...this will do. 

Target, I heart you.



  1. Yay! And cool beans! Gotta love Target for many reasons... deals you thought you'd never get is just one. Can't wait to see your new toy :) xoxo

  2. What a great story! And I love the new font.

  3. We're both super duper excited! However, opened the box and found that the software is missing. It's always something, I tell ya!!! Going to head back to Target today and see if they have it, since we paid for it! If not, hopefully we can just get it from Canon. Either way, still doing the happy dance! :)

  4. wow that is SUCH an incredible price for a camera I'm inspired now to look a target for a new camera. I really want a canon and thought they were going to be a million dollars but that price is totally reasonable! I also hit up target for the dress designer collaboration. I really can't wait until they come out with the calypso stuff!

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