Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Night Out with the Girls...

Saturday night found me, sans the hubby-bub, on a little excursion out with the girls! It had been a bit since all of us gals had been in the same room together and it was high time for a night of vino drinking, gossip, girl talk and more vino drinking.  Perfection, in my book! Here's just a few pics from our lovely night of catch-up. 

A very yummy dinner at Big Fat Fish!
Met up with Ellen and Amy at Purple Smile!
 "Hey girls, pretend I said something funny!"
I just love my girls to bits! 

In fashion news...
This was my original ensemble for our night out on the town, until I decided to wear my new plaid skort instead (there will be a whole blog post dedicated to my new fashion obsession, AKA the skort, later on in the week).
Shirt: Target
Skirt: Vintage, from my Mum that I hemmed (ever so poorly)
Boots: diba, purchased from Left Right Left

Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. I love everything about your blog. You are gorgeous, your layout classy, and the subject matter entertaining! I had the biggest smile when I looked at your pictures. I am going to follow your blog on bloglovin' and I can't wait to see more.


  2. Oh, that is so sweet! Thank you very much. :) I never expect anyone to read my blog, besides a few of my close friends. So, thank means a lot!

    I'm going to check out your blog too!