Saturday, June 11, 2011

Miss Nicky is gettin' hitched!

Yup, I'm still alive. AND I just happen to be the worst blogger ever!!! It's been weeks upon weeks since my last post.  H-E-double hockey sticks!! (That's HELL!! in layman's terms)!!

Well, last weekend found me and my fabulously fabulous girlfriends throwing a little shindig to shower our very dear friend Nicky.  Her and her Caleb are leaving on a jet plane in a few weeks time and when they return they will be MARRIED! How very exciting and what an ideal reason to throw a party in her honor. The theme of the day was Tea Party!  But instead of the traditional English Breakfast, I served something a tad more exotic (read: alcoholic).  Peach Tea cocktails!  Oh and of course a little (or maybe a lot of) champagne.  I send a very special thanks to my BFF, the lovely Ellen, for not only helping plan the menu but executing it! My darling friend is a fantastic vegan food blogger and she made us some equally fantastic delicacies for our tasting pleasure.  We went traditional in the eats department with delicious little tea sandwiches; tomato basil, cucumber dill, curry egg salad, chicken salad and the classic PB & J.  Yumm-o! I also have to send a special thanks to my other dear friend, the sweet Erin, for helping assemble said sandwiches. Oh, and my Mum too! And what was I doing while they slathered ingredients on, cut with precision and placed artfully our yummy sandwiches on cake platters ready for our guests hungry tummies? I was making a gigantic old mess blending up my cream cheese frosting.  Let's just say I haven't yet learned how not to lift the blender mid blend. That's just how I roll, er...blend, as the case may be.  So a heartfelt thanks ladies; I seriously don't know what I would do without my friends!!!

Now for dessert.  I went "semi-homemade" and chose to use a boxed vanilla cake mix that I doctored up with diced peaches and ground ginger for the aptly named Ginger Peach cupcakes! Add to that my little homemade lemon cream cheese frosting and voila! Ellen on the other hand is all about "from scratch" and whipped up some a-mazing vegan coconut chocolate chip cookies! To. Die. For.  We drank, we ate...we drank some more. It was simply lovely.  AND it didn't rain...shocking!  We finished off the afternoon by playing a game which I like to call the Celebrity Mash-up Name Game.  In the tradition of "Brangelina" and "Bennifer" I had all the girls come up with their best celebrity name for the happy couple!  And with that....

...much love and best wishes to "Calicky!"  xoxo
The Bride!

Nick and Amy!
Miss Abby and I...and our hats!
The fabulous Ellen!
     Sweet Tea vodka favors!                                   The table!
Opening presents!
The Group!!! 

Oh and if you're looking for a super yummy and easy summer drink, give this a shot! 
You'll love it...

Jamie's Peach Tea Cocktail

Over ice...
2 oz. Absolut Wild Tea Vodka
1 oz. Triple Sec
1 oz. Peach Nectar
Top with Iced Tea 


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  1. Wow! Love the hats and especially love all things peach. Such a fun theme.