Friday, July 15, 2011

Copy that Look: Duchess Catherine!

Happy Friday, ya'll!  Here at Sweet Pea & Poppy we're obsessed with fashion! Okay, I'm obsessed with fashion, since when I say "we" I mean me.  I LOVE to go to People magazine's Style section to get my daily dose of celebrity gossip and/or fashion.  Yup, I'm a big old dork! But at least I'm stalking celebrities from the comfort of my own home, right?  I mean, I would SO NOT be scaling walls and/or hiding in bushes in front of their homes to get a glimpse and/or picture and/or autograph! That's just silliness. And besides, I live too far away.  All I care about are the clothes. The CLOTHES!!! So, this is a new (hopefully weekly, though with my track record, most likely monthly) addition to Sweet Pea & Poppy that I like to call:  Copy that Look! Each month  week I'll pick a celebrity style that I adore, yet can't afford, and give us all a wallet friendly version.  While my choices may not be on the runways at fashion week, they will still be totally chic AND each ensemble from head to toe will be under $150. 

My first choice: Duchess Catherine of  Cambridge! It seems the royals are EVERYWHERE these days. Especially Princess Kate. I get it.  She's beautiful AND the girl can dress! I love this look by British designer Jenny Packham. Love the color, love the buttons, love the sleeves.  Don't love the price tag.  The color of the Mod Cloth dress I chose is a bit darker, more marigold than butter.  However, I still think it holds true to the ladylike sophistication of the original.  Perfect for afternoon tea, perhaps? 

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  1. Like your choice of dress better. The wind caught the Duchess' dress and it made for embarrassing photos. The one you've chosen would be less inclined to fly in a wind. And it shows off a small waist nicely.

  2. Thanks Karen! I didn't even think about that! This fabric would be much less inclined to flash bystanders. And if you're a princess, you must take wind velocity into account when choosing your wardrobe! :)