Friday, July 1, 2011

My weekend in pictures...

It was a frilly dresses, high heels, sake, taxi rides, shaking my booty, fabulous girlfriends, skinny coladas, homework, lots of homework, Dungeness crab Eggs Benedict, bloody Caesars, laughing, lots of laughing, birthday celebrating, bachelorette toasting, "male member" necklaces, fun, lots of fun, kind of weekend.  My very dear friend Nicky is eloping to Mexico in a couple weeks and Saturday night found us giving the bride-to-be a real good send off.  Real good.  The celebrating continued into Sunday with a brunch in honor of my lovely BFF's birthday!  Needless to say, by Monday morning I was one tired gal.  And also needless to say, I had a heck of a great time with my girls.  

Here's some pics to prove it...


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