Friday, October 7, 2011

And the terrible blogger award goes to....

...ME! I have been neglecting my 4 blog followers!!! And I feel awful about it.  But here's why...SCHOOL! Okay, and laziness. I started my first full quarter at Western and I'm a tad overwhelmed and a smidge excited!  I love the Western campus!  It's so beautiful, even if I have to park 9 miles away to get there.  So with school, work, surfing the web like a mad woman, watching Say Yes to the Dress re-runs on repeat, etc. etc...I've been super busy! Bear with me, please.  
Just a few things that have happened....
Caleb and I celebrated our first WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!! We had an absolutely lovely day, minus the fact that I had an accounting test to study for. We had dinner at The Fork and it was perfect! Highly recommend if you're in the area.  Check out their menu! To. Die. For. I had the apple brined chicken with yam spatzle. I NEVER order chicken when I go to a fancy pants restaurant.  It's just so...chicken. But yam spatzle? Are you kidding me? I HAD to have it.  And frankly, it's the best thing ever created, in my opinion.  After our amazing dinner we headed home and had a cozy evening in with our dear friend Dexter; it was killer! I just love my husband to bits and pieces (only, not the kind that Dexter would create)!!! On a side note, see those flower boxes on each side of the picture? My Daddy made those! Isn't he amazing? You can buy them HERE if you so wish! 
Carrying on....Here I am! enjoying a very yummy champagne bellini before dindin.  I decided to wear the flowered strap from my wedding dress in homage of our big day! Image courtesy of the crappy camera on my cell phone.
I got a new hat. Yay for me! 
(Caleb took this picture of me in all my dorky glory and made me swear not to delete it.)

I hope you all are enjoying your Fall as much as I am!!! 
Favorite time of year, hands down.


  1. I knew you were awesome but now that I know you are a Dexter fan you have been promoted to my super awesome, majorly cool list!

    The Fork was a great choice for your celebration - Happy Anniversary!! And I love the hat!

  2. Ha! Thanks Teri. :) We are big old dorks for Dexter around here! My hubby and I were just today talking about how we basically pay $240 bucks a year to have Showtime just so we can watch Dexter!!! :)

  3. I love your blog. I don't think you're terrible, just insanely busy living your life! BTW, love the wedding dress strap and the hat! Oh, and you of course!

  4. We ordered Showtime just to watch Dexter too - the first 4 seasons we watched last summer on DVD...the day after we finished season 4 we were calling Comcast. :)