Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Study in Pink

My current obsession, Sir Sherlock Holmes, is my inspiration for this post (i have no idea if a literary character can be given knighthood, but I think it sounds like a good idea). What in the heck does the color of all-things-girl and Mr. Holmes have in common? Well, I will tell you...and then there will be no doubt in your mind that I am the dork that I appear to be.  A Study in Pink is the name of the first episode of the television series Sherlock! See, the connection is easy...and you are now free to make an L with your thumb and forefinger and hold it up to your forehead and shout "LOSER" in your best Jim Carey Pet Detective impersonation. And I'm okay with it.  So here you have it; a few of my favorite pink things. I heart that Hello Kitty mini-fridge with every ounce of my being! Oh, I just love pink.  I know some people find the color totally unappealing and/or vomit inducing.  I. Don't. Care. It makes me happy; it always has.  I am 100% girl. I am a pink-loving, frilly-dress-wearing, bows-and-polka-dots-adoring, red lipstick every day of the week kind of girl.  

And I wouldn't have it any other way.  

Oh and p.s. I also have to mention that I am in LURVE with these J. Crew ballerina flats.  Only thing...they're for kids. Hmmm, must find out how my non-kid shoe size translates....


  1. I'm pretty sure my size 11 feet couldn't get away with wearing children's sizes!

    I love your blog Jamie and I'm following you now! So cute - Ellen said it is your anniversary this weekend so I hope you have a WONDERFUL day!! Maybe I'll see you at boot camp again one of these days. :)

  2. Thank you Teri!!! I'm so terrible. I have been MIA from blogging and boot camp! But hopefully one of these days we will run into each other again. :)

  3. The nice thing about blogging is you can do it whenever and however often you like. Blogging is super fun but real life is way more important...sound like you have your priorities straight. :)