Friday, March 9, 2012

Two things...

1. I want an ipad 3.  Not sure I actually need it, per se.  But darn it, I want one.  Now that my year and a half old Nook Color is obsolete, I think it's due time I get back in with the technologically hip crowd.  Or maybe I just want to checkout facebook-on-the-go from a larger screen.  Both are important factors in my decision making.

2. I am starting my "serious diet", as I have been referring to it, on Sunday.  I purchased myself the DVD set of Tracy Anderson's (fitness guru to the stars) Metamorphosis.  She states "Together, we're going to completely transform your body" and "Perfection is possible." The latter is what got me.  Not that I expect perfection, but I'm tired of talking about getting into shape and not DOING it.  Caleb always laughs and looks at me like I'm nuts when I say I want to lose 10lbs; God bless him.  But in order for me to get and sustain the motivation to workout I need him on my team.  So I told that darling husband of mine, that when I say I feel "like a heffer", that instead of rolling his eyes at me and telling me I'm being silly, he must now say "Then do something about it."  He's been sticking with it, even if he still rolls his eyes while saying it.

Taking inspiration from a fabulous gal I know named Katie, I'm taking control of my fitness and holding myself accountable to reaching my goals.  To do this, I will be posting a picture of myself in a bikini (AHHHHHHHH) once a week, starting Sunday.  It's a 90 day program, so hopefully, come June, I will be ready to hit a beach...and feel fabulous about it!

Here's a pic of Caleb and I having dinner at the Space Needle for my birthday.
It was super fun and yummy. 



  1. I want to lose 10 lbs too!!! I work out so I must just be eating too much. I'll get on that....later. I am going to a 7 course wine tasting dinner tonight. I'm sure that is low-calorie! Ha!!

    I think I get an i-Pad 3, I'm so excited! I have the original and can't wait to get one that takes pictures.

    Glad you had such a great birthday!!

  2. Ooh! 7 courses?! That sounds scrumptious!!! Our dinner at the Needle was kind of like my last hurrah in the high-calorie and delicious department...for a little while at least. I hope you enjoyed every second of it!!! I really think I NEED the ipad 3. I should have asked for one for my birthday, darn it. :)

  3. That's awesome girly! And you are a brave one! I hate being in a bikini underwater, let alone in pictures, what an awesome motivator!

  4. Oh Jamie, you are adorable & girl...if I can get my big rear in certainly can! I'm proud of you...that's sooooo awesome!!! If I posted pictures of myself in a bikini, no one would every come back to my blog! ;) It's great for accountability though and to see the results, sometimes those don't always show up on the scale, but you'll be able to see & feel it by how your clothes are fitting! I know you can do this!!!! <3

  5. Thank you Katie!!! I've been super inspired by your journey!!! I'm tired of feeling like I always talk about losing those extra 10+ pounds I've put on since Caleb and I got together, but sit around and do nothing about it. For me, I think I will know when I get to my goal weight when I can look at myself in a bikini and feel comfortable about it. I can't say FOR CERTAIN that I will stand by my word of posting pictures of myself in a bathing suit...but we shall see. There may have to be some photoshop involved, just sayin'! ;)