Saturday, August 11, 2012

Eight months.

Yesterday morning as I sat in the comfy blue chair downstairs and drank my daily quarter cup of coffee (right before I decided to have just a little more, also a daily occurrence and one which I always regret), I Facebooked.  Yes, in the action verb sense. I was checking out the NaNoWriMo Facebook page whilst simultaneously listening to my new favorite song by Mumford and Sons. What's NaNoWriMo? Well, I'll tell you. It's National Novel Writing Month, of course! Also known as November. How to explain....Each November, thousands of folks out there take pen to paper or hand to keyboard or stone to cave wall and spend the whole of November writing a novel.  You have to start it and finish it all within those 30 days.  Seems impossible? Give it a try. Many people do it. Have I? No. But I think good things come to those who wait.  Which basically means: I can't write that fast. I edit. Then I edit some more. Then I start over and edit that. Then I go back to the original and stare at it for a few days. Then I just think about how to edit it. Then I edit it. Then I'm done.  Just kidding, then I edit it again.

And that's just the first paragraph! 

So you see what I mean. It's a neat idea, though. Anyways, point to my story is, they always have these little writing prompts.  I don't usually partake, but yesterday's writing prompt was this:

Look around. Find someone nearby. Maybe it's a family member, maybe it's a coworker, maybe it's a stranger in a coffee shop. Describe them to us. But not just their appearance. Give them some backstory, some pathos, some motivation. Make us care about this person here in your Facebook comment.

I was alone. Caleb had just left for work.  I didn't have anyone around to write about. And I wasn't going to write about myself because that's just...creepy. But then I spotted my absolute favorite picture of my absolute favorite pet in the whole history of the world sitting nearby.  Mr. Pekoe Bean.  And I realized that it had been eight months to the day that my sweet little kitty passed from this life into the next.  So, I thought it would be a fitting tribute to my sweet Pekoe to write about him.  I didn't think. I just wrote what came to me. I may have edited though, a little. I just can't help myself. 

And here it is. :)

For Pekoe.

I'm staring at his picture. Because he's not here anymore. He had the most lovely green eyes I'd ever seen. Big and beautiful and green as the sea. When he looked at me, I could feel his love. Like a distant hug.  He could calm me with that stare. And his ears. Oh, his ears. They overwhelmed him, but they were perfect and stood out. 
Like he did.
He had gone grey, the years painted on his face; varying shades of time passing too quickly.  But those eyes. They told a different story. Of youth, of happiness, of always being there no matter what.  And I feel his love still. Even through the glass of the frame, staring out at me from a different time.
I feel it.
I miss those eyes the most. 

Miss you, Boo. Love you, always.

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  1. Nothing like weeping first thing in the a.m. I love that you wear your heart on your sleeve.